Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Series 2023 Review of the First Five Episodes

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story 2023 Series

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Series 2023

Everyone has special talent the only thing that you have to find it. If you have to talent then one day someone will approach to you for achieving the success. After finding the talent you also have to implement it in your life. Those people will find it they will automatically get success. Liked this one day Abdul Karim Telgi sailing the fruits in train with his unique style and talent the passenger identified the his talent and call him in Mumbai for good job. 

Before going in deep firstly this biographical series is directed by Tushar Hirandani and Hansal Mehata who is director of Scam 1992. If you are seen Harshad Mehata scam then this series is also made for you. You will love it after watching it. 

After watching first five episodes of this series i am eagerly waiting upcoming episodes. In this first five episodes we were see how the Abdul Karim Telgi take step step foot on success ladder. From poor family background to Millionaire business man. 

Abdul Karim Telgi living with his family near the railway track and surviving by the selling the fruits in train by saying the poetry line in unique way to attract customers. Like this one of passenger watched him and ask him to work together in Mumbai. 

After returning at home he is thinking about his offer and after watching the house situation he decided to go in the Mumbai. From here Abdul used his special talent to invite the customers for guests house he given some commissions for taxi drivers. After some days he fall in love with daughter of businessman. 

After some time he went to Gulf for earning money, he worked in the city for 7 years after returning from Gulf the decided to work for self. The only thing in his mind goes on that he wanted to Made money not earn. So to make the money he have some different things. So first he started the business by providing job for the poor people but poor doesn’t have any degree so he is giving duplicate degree to them. But one day he caught by the police.

why Scam 1992 Web series not selected For FilmFare Awards this year

As you know very well if someone goes in jail then every time he had went to there because this magnet and now Abdul became the Iron who will going to attracted by magnet. So to avoid this situation and escape from this Abdul started make some political contact who will help him in this situation.

During in the jail Abdul meet his crime partner who gives some idea regarding scam of Stamp paper tickets. In this scam they only earning in profit in low rate by doing old stamping paper tickets to new by removing the ink on it. But Abdul the wants make the profit the 100x rate. 

So for knowing the how Abdul make Lots of money from selling stamp paper ticket to Stamp paper. For that you have to watch series with your love ones. Scam 2003 The Telgi Story available SonyLiv OTT platform.

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