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Scam 1992 is Harshad Mehta biography and it is an Indian Drama Web series released on 9 October 2020. Scam 1992 Web Series is crossed 9.5 IMDB rating. It was rated by 33,300 people on the internet. The web series is directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Applause Entertainment. Primered on SonyLiv. Harshal Mehta is a stockbroker who took the stock market to dizzying heights. Scam 1992 tells the story that how Harshal Mehta Make the Richest person in India from a Middle-class family. Harshad Mehta role taken by Pratik Gandhi. Pratik Gandhi is an Indian theatre and film actor which was mostly seen in Gujrati film. 

Harshad Mehta's Startup

From the starting Harshad Mehta condition was poor. He had so many big dreams but his father lose their work in the clothes market. In his family, there are 4 members after the marriage family is expanding and the space of the house decreasing. He was frustrated in his old life, He decided to make a billionaire fastly and there is only one way to make a billionaire that was the Indian Stock Market. So he joined the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to learn the stock market as Jobber. But Jobber duty can't make a billionaire after some time he started his own Trading Account. Day by day Harshal making more profit and earning money in his work 

Black Day In Harshad Mehta's Life
In every person's life, one black day comes on the door. It is in your hand how you come out from this situation. On these days Harshad Mehat lost 10 Lakh money in the stock exchange market. He didn't have enough money to buy shears in the stock Market & he knew that " Risk hey to ishq hay".

Harshad Mehta's Billionaire journey 
After Black day he learned something from it. Without research and knowledge, you can not make successful.
So started a consultant job to give advice to the broker and dealer. From it, he is making a small amount of profit. After some time Harshad Mehta's Life is going to change 
Guy's  I can't tell you more please watch Scam 1992 it's a very interesting Story cinematography. Background Music.


  • Pratik Gandhi(Harshad Mehta)
  • Vishesh bansal(Young Harshad Mehta)
  • Hemant Kher(Ashwin Mehta)
  • Ramakant Dayma(Shantilal Mehta)
  • Jay Upadhyay(Pranav Sheth)
  • Kartik Krishnan(Chandraswami)
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary(Sucheta Dalal)
  • Nikhil Dwivedi(Tyagi)
  • Chirag Vohra(Bhushan Bhatt)
  • Jai Mehta(Kiran Ajgaonkar)
  • Sharib Hashmi(Sharad Bellary)
  • K.K. Raina(Manohar Pherwani)
  • Rajat Kapoor 

Released Date & Watch Online 

Scam 1992 is released on " 9 October 2020 " Primered on SonyLiv to watch Online you need subscription of SonyLiv.  

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