Scam 1992 Web series not selected For FilmFare Awards this year

Scam 1992 is Not Eligible for FilmFare 2020

Scam 1992 Web series not selected For FilmFare Awards this year
Scam 1992

Hansal Mehta gives the reason behind Scam 1992 not selected for filmfare ott awards 'not eligible' to be nominated as it Came out after the cut-off date of this Year's filmfare ott awards. Scam 1992 hindi Crime-Drama tv series which was directed by Hansal Mehta. He recently gave explanation about  why this Webseries are not eligible for this year. 
Recently, Filmfare 2020 OTT awards ceremony is completed. Many people are hoping that Scam 1992 is best web series of this years. So it will be won best series awards but FilmFare chose those series which released in between 1 August 2019 To 31 July 2020. Scam 1992 released in month of October 2020 hence it not eligible for this year, So Scam nominated for FilmFare in Next year.

Scam 1992 crack many records, It is first Webseries of this year which have highest IMDB rating. Recently many people rated it best tv series. Now it's IMDB rating 9.4/10

Performance by cast in this webseries is very impressive. Many people liked Pratik Gandhi role in this webseries. He is acting, Style, & many more. Prateek Gandhi, a well known and  famous face of Gujarati cinema and theater,after worked for two years in two different fields of engineering and acting and is very happy with the appreciation he received through the web series "Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story".

The 31-year-old actor said in an interview, “I am happy that people are now appreciating and giving response about my old work after seeing it. But I have always been honest about my work. I am very happy & before 'Scam 1992', now people are getting more calls and I am giving more interviews. "

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