Vijay Devarakonda's Kushi 2023 Movie have Beautiful Combination of Love and ?

Kushi 2023 Movie

Kushi 2023 Movie
Kushi 2023 Movie
Everyone wants Kushi in his life but Kushi never wants you then what will you do? Will you find some one else or live without her?. Byetheway i am taking about happiness not a. All things tech this movie whose name is Khushi. This movie is directed by Shiva Nirvana and movie story also written by him. Movie story tell us about what is love? It is combination of care, sadness, adjustment, understanding, and many things. 

People wants a peaceful and beautiful life but you know very well nothing happens as we think. Like this Vijay Devarakonda also wants to live a adventurous life but something going to happen in his life. Recently he got a government job and decided to go long in deep of nature. Where he wants a peaceful and beautiful life. To survive in nature he decided to take his posting in Jammu And Kashmir talking with his senior. As i said nothing happens as we think, “O kehate he na Agar jo mangao ge mil jaye to fir tammana kiski karoge”.

Now our hero take J&K train went to his village in between he fall in love with mountain which is coming in his way. In that mountain he is also fall in the war which is happening between terrorists or militants. After escaping from that place he reached to his village where he is appointed. After watching the surrounding area of village or his home he decided to go back home not do job here. But his senior his rejected his transfer from J&K, Now he didn’t have any option. He continues his work in sadness. 

In other side we see super and cute cast Samantha who came in J&K for in search of something. He is roaming here there with his friend and suddenly come in contact with Vijay Devarakonda. Now from here the love of story start. How he impressed her? and how is she fall in love with him?. Main, will there family accept for their marriage or not? To find this question answer, you have watch Kushi movie.

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