Oppenheimer Movie is not better then Barbie Movie 2023?

Oppenheimer Movie Or Barbie Movie 

Oppenheimer Movie is not better then Barbie Movie 2023

Most awaited movie of Christopher Nolan’s  whose name is Oppenheimer will be going to released in few hours. Liked Oppenheimer on the same day Barbie movie will be going to released. People were confused in the clash, which movie should we have to watch the first.

So let me your problem.firstly both movies are completely different from each perspectives & iam not comparing it. Oppenheimer is biographical movie in which Cillian Murphy is in lead role. Cillian is one of the finest actor in cinematic world. If you were seen the Peaky Blinder web series then you know everything about him. His attitude and Nolan’s chemistry we were going see in this movie. 

Cillian Murphy is playing the role of J Robert Oppenheimer who is intelligent physicist who is living with his beautiful family. One day he is recruited by General officer of military. Officer wants to convert his theoretical knowledge into practical thing, that will help make him to make his country proud.

For this things officer want a intelligent man for this he recruited the physician J Oppenheimer. Officer want to do research on it by secretly thats why he creat small village which away from citizens. In this village only scientists we’re living with his family. 

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Robert Oppenheimer is successful made a Atomic Boomb by his hardwork and his knowledge of physics of chemistry. During 1945 century Germani lose the war and Europe country should have to surrender against the America but Japan is not allow to surrender himself infront of them. 

In this war the atomic boom which is made by Oppenheimer is dropped on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki and rest are the history as you know. Now in this we will  going to see how Oppenheimer make his atomic boom? or  Oppenheimer will make traitor of his country? All the doubt will clear this movie. It’s your choice which movie shoul you have to watch first.

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