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Tenet Movie Review

Christopher Nolan represents different things & concepts in every movie. This time he is also done some different thing which difficult to get it. In 2017 his Dunkirk movie also widely famous for story & direction. Dunkirk movie is based on World War 2, soldier bravery & intelligence to survive. After Interstella, Christopher given special things to audience. which is likely to Interstellar. 

Guy's are you board at home, watching old movies then this movie is perfect for you. Tenet movie is specially for those people who are well known about science & technology. If you belonged to other then science field it may hard for you to understand. 

As compare to Dark webseries this movie is really difficult to understand. To watch this movie you have to sit mentally & physically.  If you missed some part in this movie then it really difficult to get full movie.


Tenet is a sci-fi Action-thriller with Powerful direction by Christopher Nolan. John David Washington has given a brilliant performance. Robert Pattinson has done a great job and after Watching his performance In 'the devil all the time'. Tenet movie play with your mind from beginning to end. In the first half, you will get far more confused & stuck in the matrix, but in the 2nd half you will start understanding what's going on. It's far more complicated, confusing than Inception and Interstellar.

Cinematography Of Tenet movie is also good but the story run time is long. The background score is awesome and Engaging. Overall, tenet is a Movie which you cannot expect to fully understand On your first watch and I Suggest to watch this one in Theatres if possible. It's hard for mass audiences to understand it, they may find it boring but for time travel lovers and Nolan fans, it's a perfect watch. OST is euphonious and cinematography is best. If you a lit-bit weak in English then watch it in Hindi dub. It will be more confusing if you watch in English.

What are Special things About Tenet Movie?

Tenet movie contains only 280 visual effects shots, even less than most Modern romantic comedies. This Is also low for director Christopher Nolan himself. In The Dark knight featured 650 vfx shots, The dark knight rises had 450, Inception around 500 and dunkirk contained only 429 visual Effects shots.

Who are casting Tenet Movie?

  • John David Washington(Protagonist)
  • Robert Pattinson(Neil)
  • Elizabeth Debicki(Katherine "Kat")
  • Dimple Kapadia(Priya)
  • Martin Donovan(Fay)
  • Fiona Dourif(Wheeler)
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov(Volkov)
  • Himesh Patel(Mahir)
  • Clémence Poésy(Barbara) & many more

Is Tenet Movie confusing?

Yes, Tenet movie is really confusing, Tenet movie plays with your mind from beginning to end. In the first half you will get far more confused & stuck in the matrix, but in the 2nd half, you will start understanding what's going on. It's far more complicated.

Is Tenet worth watching?

obviously, its answer is yes because the movie gives an idea about the future & the past. It may help you in increase your imagination power. You can watch this movie with your family & love ones.

Is Tenet shot in India?

Yes, some part of this movie shooted in India. In this movie Priya leaving in India so to find some answer from Priya, John David Washington & Robert Pattinson means Neil comes in India. Already Christopher Nolan was shooted some movies in India. In 2012 The Dark Knight Rises in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 

Where to Watch Tenet Movie?

In India Tenet movie recently released in Theater you can watch this movie near your home Cinema Complex