The Last Hour 2021 Amazon Web Series, Cast, Review, News

 The Last Hour - Amazon Web Series

The Last Hour 2021 Amazon Web Series, Cast, Review, News
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The Last Hour is Crime Mysterious thriller web series which directed by Amit Kumar. He is popular Known for directing Monsoon Shootout movie in 2013. It was also action thriller Movie but now he is comes back with new things for the audience. Series will released on 13 May 2021 on Amazon Prime.

In this series we are going to see Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa in lead with Shaylee Krishen. In this series if we left the Sanjay other actor are not famous but they were known for talent. Which is good thing in this series if we talk about nepotism point of view. Karma Takapa movies were won international awards


Now let's talk Series Story. In a town since from 3 years there were many murder has happened. A (Jhakris) guy is selected or appointed to solved this case. Because his unique & special power. From that power, he can talk with dead person souls & he can complete Last or remaining wish of dead person. This power is God gifted to all Jhakris people for help souls crossover into other world. 

In this murder case victim is women who worked in low budget movie & her dead body found in Jungle. The police decided to solved the case. This Webseries trailer is viewed many people on the YouTube. In 4 days trailer received 7.1 M Views worldwide which is great success for Series Maker.

Let's Talk Good Thing about The Last Hour series which make it watchable from heart. According to us series story line is good. Directions & Cinematography is also decent. It's is combination of thriller & Horror. Audience will also like the series.

If we compared this series with other Amazon Webseries it's different from other as we already said. In other series we just watch story is going on people is dying, some on taking revenge liked Mirzapur, Paatalok this is next level but different from murder, revenge this series make it awesome. 


1. How Many Episode in The Last Hour 2021 Webseries?
Ans: In first season of The Last Hour 2021 Webseries it's has total 8 Episode.

2. When The Last Hour will Released?
Ans: The Last Hour officially released on 13 May 2021 Amazon Prime OTT Platform. 

3. What is different thing in The Last Hour series?
Ans: Story, Cinematography, It's unique storyline make it different from other.

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