Mirzapur Webseries Story Explanation Review SD Movies Point

Mirzapur Web series Story Explanation SD Movies Point 

Mirzapur is one of the best Crime, Thriller Web series which is available on Amazon Prime. For watching the Mirzapur web series you need a Prime subscription. In Mirzapur Season 1 there are a total of 9 episodes & in season 2 total of 10 Episodes. Each episode has a specific time length so it will not boar anyone. The specific time for each episode is 40 to 60 Min. Mirzapur Season 1 came in 2018 & season 2 in 2020. So many people waiting for Season 2. 

The series was renewed for a second season and was scheduled for the 23 October 2020 premiere, but it got released a day earlier on 22 October 2020. After watched season 1 successfully so many questions came to mind what will happen in the next season? will Guddu and Golu take revenge of Bablu and Sweety? Season  1 This whole game is for a throne and that throne is of Mirzapur. 

Mirzapur is the only Tripathi kingdom on the throne. The story begins with a wedding groom. Munna Tripathi who is the son of Kalin Tripathi. While dancing, a bullet is fired from his gun and the bullet hited on Groom in the head. he was dies there. Groom's parents file a case in court. Lawyer Ramakant Pandit is fighting this case. Ramakant Pandit is a very loyal man who never gives up in his life. He doesn't like black money at all, he lives on his own hard-working profession. 

Ramakant Pandit has two sons and a daughter. Two sons and a daughter are pursuing in college. The two sons are named Guddu and Bablu and the daughter is named Dimple. Guddu and Bablu's dreams are simple but they have a bad turn in their lives. Pankaj Tripathi i.e. Kalin Bhaiya's said to Munna you go to the lawyer's house and explain to him to take back from these cases. After reaching the lawyer's house, they get into an argument and fight. Munna gets beaten up and returns home. 

Then Kalin Tripathi says bring Guddu and Bablu to our castle! Seeing Guddu & Bablu courage, Kalin Bhai offers to hire them. So they have no other choice because if they reject the offer, their death is certain. Since they have no other choice, they get sanctioned for this job. This job is for smuggling, drugging, and murder.

 They are happy that they are getting good money for this job. On the other hand, Munna gets very angry because he was being beaten by Guddu and Baluni and Munna is afraid that Mirzapur is getting away from him. With each passing day, Guddu and Bablu began to have more success in their endeavors, as you climb to the top of the ladder of success, you know, a lot of enemies fall. I'm not going to tell you the whole story. I'll just tell you to watch season 1. If you have not watched season 1, you won't get season 2.

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