Kingdom Korean Netflix Tv Series Season 1 & Season 2 Explain

Kingdom Netflix Tv Series 

Kingdom Korean Netflix Tv Series Season 1 & Season 2 Explain

Kingdom is Korean Horror, Thriller TV series which was initially first season released in 2019. Story of this series is series written by Kim Eun-hee & she had working on story line of Kingedom series since from 2011. TV series is also depend on it's story & she done great work in it. Kim Eun-hee already worked in more then 10 TV series as story writer & given best categories series to audiences. Now she is working on upcoming Mount Jiri TV series which based on adventure climbing of Hills or Mountains & also she is working of this series special part/Episode. This special episode is decided to released in 2021.

Kingdom Series, 1st season is directed by Kim Seong-hun & 2nd season directed by Park In-Je. If we compared both season 2nd season introduced clear all things clearly. In first season we were not clear our doubt like what going on, who is behind the all things? & many More. First season runs little bit slower as compared to 2nd season, but it's OK. In every season of this series it has 6 episode each & episode running time of 1st season is 55 to 60 Min. In 2nd season running time length is decreased. Last episode running time is extra because to introduced some different thing in the series. After great success of season one & two TV series decided to make special episode for audience.

Season 1 Explain In Short 

Before going towards season 2 you need understand what is happened in first season. It is story of south side Kingdom where were king  missing from few day. King is staying with his 2nd wife who is pregnant & 1st wife's Boy who is known as The Crown Prince of Nation. In the nation there were rumors spreading that's Majesty is Pass away but only two person knows about him. One is 2nd Queen & other is her father. All mysterious thing is hidden in the King Palace. This Is first Episode of Kingdom Korean Netflix Series. 

The Crown Prince is decided to find out his father, he is trying to enter in King Palace by the wrongway because no one allow him to enter in King Palace to meet his father. At the starting of the series we were seen a old age Physician with a boy who is giving food to someone. Who is hiding behind mat but that person killed a boy. In other screen 89 Scholar is charge as Traitor for spreading rumors about the King. After some day they call Crown Prince is Traitor because 89 Scholar with him & decided to execution. The Crown Prince before day at night found out some clues Releated his father is alive & one old Physician( Lee Seung Hui) meet his father some day ago. Physician is return his home in Dongnae with a boy deadbody. Old Physician staying in Dongnae with some lady Physician who are treating people in there town. In South Dongnae people were dying because of lack of food resources. Now The Crown Prince headed towards Dongnae with his personal guard. 

In the old Physician's house patient are hungry. One sheaf cook & make meat by body parts. After eating meat people's feel happy. They were don't know meat made by human body but they are feeling happy. After some time all patient were die & suddenly they were change into zombies. They were eating healthy Physician who is taking care of them after some time Physician also converted zombies. Here is end the first Episode of the series.

In 2nd Episode. Morning of next day, we seen The Crown Prince & his personal guard reached to the house of Physician & they both found that door is fully lock. No one inside the house or home surrounded by blood & protection is fitted around the home. They were thinking, what is horrible things is happened here. No one is present there to tell what is happened last night. They were finding to Physician allover room inside the house & suddenly his guard found the dead body of people inside dark of house. The Crown Prince called guard of Dongnae and ordered to burn all the dead bodies. The queens father announced to kill Traitor of the nation means, given ordered to Soldier for killing The Crown Prince. On The other screen we were seen a Soldier team searching for the Crown Prince.

Two people is still alive from Physician house, one is lady Physician (Seo-Bi) & 2nd is a guy who is fighter. They both lock the house & not allowed zombies to comes outside from the house. In the day zombies hide from sun that's why they were hiding in darkness. 

The whole day going to end The Crown Prince still finding Physician. After evening Zombies is started walking. All the other people came there to see what happened to those. After Sundown zombies started waking & started biting the normal & healthy people. After biting zombies people converted into zombies. This disease spreading all over Dongnae. From here orginal series is is started.  Now we have to see how The Crown Prince escape from Dongnae & save the healthy people from infected & those how turned into zombies. All other thing will explain in 2nd post of Kingedom Korean Series which is based on 2nd season.


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