Romantic Movies On Netflix -All Times Best Romance Movies

Romantic Movies On Netflix 

Romantic Movies On Netflix -All Times Best Romance Movie
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Half Of It

Movie story based on high school students life. Movie received lot positive reviews from audience after it's released. Movie maker won international awards from it. The movie released on 1 May 2020. A high school student Ellie Chu is writing essays for other students to earn some money from it because her family condition is not good. When she's approached by a boy who's named is Paul. Ellie understand that he wants an essay but instead of an essay he wants a letter. To write a letter to a popular girl whose name Asser because he's feeling too awkward to talk to her. Ellie said I can't write letter for you because she's never written a letter for anyone. However, when money becomes tight at home she accepts the job charging him 50$ per letter. After the letter over the next few weeks. She and paul develop a friendship that brings more to Ellie's life than she could have ever imagined. IMDB Rating is 6.9/10

Someone Great

Movie is released in 2019. This Netflix movie comes in the categories of Romance & comedy. Movie story about a girl who is aspiring music journalist & her name is Jenny. She has just completed her dream to job at an Iconic Magazine. She is thinking about moving to San Francisco rather than do long distance her boyfriend of nine years decides to call it quits. To apply ointment on her broken heart Jenny gathers up her two best friends. Whose name are Aaron and Blair & she decided to go for one outrageous last adventure in New York City. Movie story great. It is a hilarious and heartfelt story of friendship & which will tell to your heart how to enjoy happy life. Love and what it means to let go of your 20s and enter adulthood. IMDB Rating is 6.2/10

Fall In The Love At First Kiss

This movie is released on 14 Feb 2019 & it comes under in categories of Comedy, Romance. In this romantic comedy movie, we are going to see cute students Jelly Lin, Kenji Chen, Dareen Wang as the main cast. Movie story about a girl who is genius in his study after some time she falls in the love with a bubbly personality guy. Jelly Kin took the role of Xiang Qin who is an ordinary girl & she has a persistent crush on Dareen Wang as role Jiang Zhi Shu. After telling her lovable felling to him, she gets cruelly rejected. Xiang considers giving up or moving away is good for both. However, some things happened between Jelly Kin's dad & he takes her along to move in temporarily with Zhi Shu's Family. Fall In The Love At First Kiss is based on the popular well-known Japnese Manga Anime "Itazura Na Kiss" IMDB Rating: 6/10, My Drama List Rating: 8/10. Watch Fall In The Love At First Kiss is Romantic Movies On Netflix

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Moonlight takes place in three parts of a person's life childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. He grapples with his identity along with many of his pent-up emotions over the years and above all else.

Japnese Romantic Movies

In this list some Japnese Movies also taken. That are given below. If you're liked to watch Romantic movie then this Japnese movies is also available on Netflix. 

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

This movie story is also based on High School student's lifes. In provincial City Kosuke Mizushima enjoying his life with Full enjoyment. He is enjoying his school life with his 4 friends & they had a crush on a girl whose name is Mai Hayase. She is also studying in their class. One day due Kosuke's taunt all class gets disturbed, the class teacher also gets disturbed. In this way, Kosuke came into Mai's eyes. Their lovable story starts from here. Now we have to see, How Kosuke Mizushima impressed Mai Hayase by his cuteness. Movie cinematography is very nice. Must watch this movie if you like Japanse Romantic Movie. IMDB Rating is 5.9/10 My Drama List Rating: 7.4/10. Watch this romantic movie on Netflix

Closest Love to Heaven

Ninon Okamura Doesn't have many friends in school meanwhile Yuiji Kira is Ninon's classmate. He enjoys his life, harassed the other classmates, and dates various girls but he has a secret that he is terminally ill & he has only 1 year to live so she becomes her friend after knowing his secret and whats happened is worth watching. Now we have to see how they lived remaining life in a better way. My Drama List Rating: 8/10 IMDB Rating: 6/10

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