Best Horror Movies On Netflix IMDB rating Review SD Movie Point

Best Horror Movies On Netflix

All time Best Horror Movies on Netflix list is made by the website ownerIn this List numbering given on the basis of IMDB rating as well as user review which was observed by me. In this list we are providing Top 10 best Horror movies that you should have to watch. Some horror movie that you should have to watch with your parents. In this categories movies is very popular in the world. Movies come under horror as well as Sc-Fi, Thriller. So Close your seatbelt where are you seated we are going to start our top 10 best Horror movies on Netflix list.
Best Horror Movies On Netflix IMDB rating Review SD Movie Point

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Top 10.  The Perfection 

In this best Horror Movies on Netflix list the perfection is on number 10 because of IMDB rating. Movie rated by 34,500 aprox & It's IMDB rating is 6.1/10. The Perfection is a Drama-Horror-Thriller movie & It was released on 2018.
Movie is directed by Richard Shepard.After released the Perfection movie it got mix critic reviews from audience. Movie story  tell's a grieved melodic wonder and another star understudy leave down an evil way. In this movie their was twist which was not imagined but this make movie more watchable. Acting in this movie by character is very impressive & Cinematograph also good but story some time feels board. 
The Perfection movie cast by
  • Allison Williams(Charlotte Willmore)
  • Molly Grace(Young Charlotte) 
  • Logan Browning(Elizabeth Lizzie Wells Milah)
  • Thompson(Young Lizzie)
  • Steven Weber(Anton)
  • Alaina Huffman(Paloma)
  • Mark Kandborg(Theis)
  • Graeme Duffy(Geoffrey)
  • Eileen Tian(Zhang Li) & many more

Top 9. #Alive

#Alive is South-Korean Horror-Drama-action movie which was directed by Ll Cho. The movie released recently 2020. Movie story based on the 2019 script Alone by Matt Naylor. #Alive movie IMDB rating is 6.2/10 & it was rated by 20,100 people on the web. In this movie we are going to see how a unknown infection is spreading over the world, people get infected from it & making Zombies but some one is alive in isolation. How is he alive in the city & Surviving in the Zombies.
To find the answer tou have to watch movie on netflix. As compre to Train to Bushan movie #Alive is littlebit good. Audience rated this movie as decent Horror movie. But guy's if you are watching this movie, before this i will suggest you to watch Resident Evil Movie. Resident Evil had so many parts but Movie was Awesome. Every part of Resident Evil movie so good, You will like it.Movie is available in English & Korean language with subtitles.
#Alive Movie cast by
  • Yoo Ah-in(Oh Joon-woo)
  • Park Shin-hye(Kim Yoo-bin)
  • Lee Hyun-wook(Lee Sang-chul)
  • Oh Hye-won(the policewoman)
  • Jeon Bae-soo( masked man)
  • Lee Chae-kyung(a masked man wife) & many more

Top 8. Cargo

Cargo is Australian Apocalyptic fiction, Drama movie which was directed by Ben Howling. Cargo movie released world in the year 2018. Movie IMDB rating  6.3/10 & it was rated by 35,950 aprox on the web. In this movie we are going to see how a father protects his daughter from Infected people & survives in between them. A rabis Virus spread over the Australia & people infected by this virus but some people's still alive. Some people are self isolated but their  shortage of Food & daily needs. To solve this problem they were finding food for their family but infected people were waiting to infected themb. If you want see how a father protect his daughter then watch this Movie. Movie is nominated for 16 awards.  Movie is good but story runs little bit slow. You have to give 105 min to watch this movie. Movie language is English with Subtitles.
Cargo movie cast by
  • Martin Freeman(Andy Rose)
  • Simone Landers(Thoomi)
  • Anthony Hayes(Vic Carter)
  • Susie Porter(Kay Caine)
  • Caren Pistorius(Lorraine Cassidy )
  • David Gulpilil(Dakuthe Clever Man)
  • Kris McQuade(Etta Bruce)
  • R. Carter(Willie)
  • Natasha Wanganeen(Josie)

Top 7. The Ritual 

The Ritual is Horror-Mystery movie which was directed by David Bruckner & written by Joe Barton. Movie is based on Novel Adam Nevill. The Ritual movie released worldwide in the year 2017. The Movie IMDB rating is 6.3/10 & it is rated by Aprox 75,000 viewer on the web. In this movie a College group friend reunit & make plan to go the trip in forest. Rumors is that their Evil in forest who is killing people. They are already decided to go in the forest to enjoyment but horrible things happened with them. One by one their friends is missing in the Jungle. If you want to find where all they gone then you have to watch this movie.
The Ritual movie cast by
  • Rafe Spall(Luke)
  • Arsher Ali(Phil Robert)
  • James-Collier(Hutch)
  • SamTroughton(Dom)
  • Paul Reid(Robert)
  • Matthew Needham(Junkie Jacob)
  • James Beswick(Fiend) & many more 

Top 6. Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 is Crime-Horror-Thriller movie which was directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Jeff Fradley, and Danny McBridem. This movie is Eleventh Installment of Halloween movie series. The Movie IMDB rating is 6.5/10 & it is rated by 01,18,400 people's on the web.The plot follows a post-awful Laurie Strode who plans to confront Michael Myers in a last confrontation on Halloween night, forty years after she endure his executing binge. Movie language is available in English with English subtitles. Halloween Kills latest movie series part will be released on 2021.
Halloween 2018 Movie cast by
  • Jamie Lee Curtis(Laurie Strode)
  • Judy Greer(Karen Nelson)
  • Andi Maticha(Allyson Nelson)
  • Will Patton(Deputy Frank Hawkins)
  • Haluk Bilginer(Dr. Ranbir Sartain)
  • Virginia Gardner(Vicky) & many more

Top 5. Bird Box

Bird Box is Apocalyptic Horror-SciFi movie which was directed by Susanne Bier & written by Eric Heisserer. Movie IMDB rating is 6.6/10 & it is rated by 02,72,470 viewer on the web. in this movie we are going to see lady protect herself and her 2 children from a anonymous things. In their society if people's see that thing then do suicide & die. To protect herself or her children she survived like blinders in the forest. She closed her eyes & her children eyes by folded clothes. Movies Language is English & it's Subtitles is also available. Deu to Movie story and cast performance it was wins lots of Review & got huge collection on Box office. Guy's what do you think , the lady save her children or not to find the answer you have to watch this Movie.
Bird Box movie cast by
  • Sandra Bullock(Malorie Hayes)
  • Trevante Rhodes(Tom)
  • Jacki Weaver(Cheryl)
  • John Malkovich(Douglas)
  • Sarah Paulson( Jessica Hayes)
  • Rosa Salazar as Lucy & many more

Top 4. Bulbbul

Bulbbul is Indian Horror Drama Mystery movie which was directed & story written by Anvita Dutt. It is story of girl Bulbbul when she kids her marriage with rich family. In their village,people are missing or die. There were a forest in side of village & rumors is the witch living in the forest. She killing the people. At kids Bulbbul like to play his brother in law who is also kid. After some day's her friend goes to abroad for study. Now Bulbbul is alone, she didn't  have any friend.  After some years her childhood friend back & she is also adult. Bulbbul is totally changed. In the forest again people are missing. is their any relationship between Bulbbul & Witch. Where the village people gone to find question answer you have to watch this Movie. Movie language is Hindi & English subtitles are available. Bulbbul Movie IMDB rating is 6.6/10 & it is rated by 8,650 People on the web.
Bulbbul Movie cast by
  • Tripti Dimri(Bulbbul)
  • Avinash Tiwary(Satya)
  • Paoli Dam(Binodini)
  • Rahul Bose (Indranil and Mahendra )
  • Parambrata Chattopadhyay(Dr. Sudip)

Top 3. i'm thinking of ending things

i'm thinking of ending things is a psychological Horror movie which was directed & written by Charlie Kaufman. Movie is based on same novel which was written by Lain Reid. Movie recently released in August 2020 & It released selected theaters because of Corona Pandemic. Movie cinematograph & performance by the cast is awesome.  The movie IMDB rating is 6.7/10 & it's rated by 47,800 people on the web. Movie received Mix reviews from critics.Brimming with qualms, a young lady goes with her new sweetheart to his folks' separated ranch. After showing up, she comes to address all that she pondered him, and herself. Watch the Movie on Netflix. 
Movie cast by
  • Jesse Plemons(Jake)
  • Jessie Buckley(young woman)
  • Toni Collette(mother)
  • David Thewlis( father)
  • Guy Boyd(janitor)
  • Abby Quinn( student)
  • Gus Birney( Aunt Eller) & many more

Top 2. The Platform 

The Platform is Horror-SciFi-thriller Movie which was directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.It is Spanish movie & IMDB rating is 7/10 rated by 01,53,775 people on the web. The movie win TIFF's People's Choice Award & many awards for best Screenplay and also nominated for many  awards. Movie is about a vertical tower with a prison per one cell level. In this prison, Prisoners fed with help of platform that travel form top to bottom of tower.In the one cell two people are lives & nightmare trapped in The Hole. I can't explain this movie in my word for more information watch Platform Movie. Platform movie is recently released worldwide in the month of February-March. 
The Platform Movie cast by
  • Iván Massagué (Goreng)
  • Zorion Eguileor (eu) (Trimagasi)
  • Antonia San Juan(Imoguiri)
  • Emilio Buale Coka(Baharat)
  • Alexandra Masangkay(Miharu) & many more 

Top 1st. A Quiet Place 

A Quiet Place is Apocalyptic Horror-SciFi thriller Movie. Movie was directed by John Krasinski. Written by Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski. Movie IMDB rating is 7.5/10 & it is rated by 03,99,370 people on the web. Movie got mix review form crits. Movie collected huge collection on the box office & It is nominated for 109 Awards & Win 34. In this movie Screenplay, Story, Cinematography is very impressive and awesome. Performance by the cast is also neutral.The Movie about a family who are surviving from Monster. Monster had some sensing power of hearing,If he heard you then he will kill you. in this family mother & father savings their children from the monster. In this movie we are going to see a father & Mother sacrifice their life for their children. So are interested to watch this movie.A Quite Place movie is available in English & Hindi language with Subtitles of same Language. The movie 2nd part or sequel of this movie will be Releasing on April 2021. So guy's watch 1st part before releasing 2nd part.I hope you will enjoy this movie.
A Quite Place movie cast by
  • Emily Blunt(Evelyn Abbott)
  • John Krasinski(Lee Abbott)
  • Millicent Simmonds(Regan Abbott)
  • Noah Jupe(Marcus Abbott)
  • Cade Woodward(Beau Abbott) & many more 

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