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 We Can Be Heroes Movie 

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We Can Be Heroes upcoming superhero movie which is directed, written & produced by Robert Rodriguez, He is best director as well as visual effects supervisor. In 1992 his Spanish language american movie El Mariachi was great success for him. El Mariachi movie budget was only $7,000 & it was cross worldwide $2 Million. 

Robert Rodriguez is always like to work in adventure fantasy superhero movies. In 2005 he made fantasy movie "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D". This movie is not received positive response from audience & movie was not noted any big record on box office. 

But this time Robert Rodriguez comes with Bollywood as well as Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra in movie We Can Be Heroes small role. This movie is combination of fantasy, New superhero which is having special power from childhood. Earlier we know that superhero all good for humans because they always helps for human being, they don't have any greediness & ego but after watching The Boys tv series your thought about superhero may be change. If you are less than 18 then watch the Boys webseries with your parents. We can't compare this series with "We can Be Heroes" because of it is familiar movie. Trailer of movie was awesome. It got positive comments on this movie. 


Earth's Superheros are kidnapped or trapped by Aliens which will be going to destroy earth & killing human beings. Save human being or superheros which is trapped by Aliens, Superhero's Children & agency are going to save them from Aliens. A agency is taking care of Superheros children after their parents. Agency are teaching children, how to used super power. After their parents no one can save the world from Aliens, so children decided to save world with their superpowers & Agency is run by Priyanka Chopra. In this movie we are going to see how are children saveing the world as well as their parents from Aliens with their superpowers, technics .

Movie Review We Can Be Heroes

This movie review will be uploaded here after movie released. So don't worry i will tell you all about this movie. 

Who are casting We Can Be Heroes?

  • YaYa Gosselin(Missy Moreno)
  • Priyanka Chopra(Ms. Granada)
  • Pedro Pascal(Marcus Moreno)
  • Sung Kang 
  • Christian Slater(Tech-No)
  • Boyd Holbrook(Miracle Guy)
  • Taylor Dooley(Lavagirl)
  • Akira Akbar
  • Haley Reinhart(Ms. Vox)
  • Andy Walken & Many more

Where to watch We Can be Heroes movie?

We can be Heroes is going to released on 25 December 2020 Netflix OTT platform. Recently Netflix released trailer of this movie which are liked by many people.

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