Best Tv Shows Of All Time list that You Should Have To Watch

 Best Tv Shows Of All Time

Best Tv Shows Of All Time list that you should have to Watch. Guy's SD Movies Point giving a list of the best tv shows which is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Disney+Hotstar. In this list different-different categories & languages tv show are selected. In this list iam providing IMDB rating, Cast, story & many more details. If you already watched some tv shows then you can skip that part but I will suggest to read the full article. If you read the full article carefully then it will definitely help you to which tv show should you have to watch. 
Best Tv Shows Of All Time list that You Should Have To Watch
All time Best Tv Show 


Dark is one of the best Crime, Drama, Mystery & time-related tv shows in the world. The dark tv show has 3 seasons & 26 episodes in it, First season was released on 1 December 2020 & the third season of dark recently released on 27 June 2020. From the 1st season, Dark craze on some region but after blockbuster of 3rd season released it craze increase over the world. Dark IMDB rating is 8.8/10 & it was rated by 02,65,030 people on the web. Most of the people rated it best because of its story, Cinematography, cast was awesome. THE dark TV show is about four Family in a small town in German where the small children disappearing. During finding the kids, what are the relationship between four families in the past time it is going exposed. In this Web series, we are going to see where is two children gone? who is behind this? what is the relation between 4 families? all the answers in the Dark Web series or Tv show. If I gave more information about dark then it may be Spoil, so I am not giving all information. I will suggest you to definitely watch Dark Tv show & It is available on Netflix. 

Game Of Thrones 

Game of Thrones is very popular in the world because of the story, Cinematography, VFX & cast performance. Its Journey started from year 2011 & first episode released on 17 April 2017, end on 19 May 2019. GOT IMDB rating is 9.3/10 and it is rated by 17,28,363 (rating increasing day by day) audience on the web. Most people have rated it as the best Tv show on the web & it's an all-time Favorite for them. GOT comes under the category of Action-Drama-Adventure and it has a total of 8 seasons, each season contains 10 episodes except the 7th and 8th seasons. In the 7th season, there are 7 episodes & in the 9th season, there are 6 episodes. Now let's talk about its story. Tv show focus on a throne & Kings fight for Kingdom.Tv show story very long length & interesting, I can't explain it in my word. GOT series is created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss or premiered on HBO & it is shoted in United Kingdom, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain & many more place. To read more information about Game of Thrones series, It is available on Official HBO website 

Where to Watch Game of Thrones?
Game Of Thrones is official HBO TV show but it is available on Disney+Hotstar & HBO. 

Breaking Bad 

Breaking Bad is American Crime-Drama Tv show. It is very popular Tv show in the world. 
Its IMDB rating is (9.5/10) & it is rated by (14,19,102) people on the web. Most of people rated it as best TV show because of Cinematography, Story, Cast, & many more. Breaking Bad Tv show won more then 150  & nominated  for 230+ awards on Global. Breaking Bad have total 5 season & in it 62 episodes. Breaking Bad Journey started from 2008 and end in 2013. It is story of teacher who is facing many problems in life, he is suffering from 3 lung cancer. In this Tv show we are going to see how a teacher enters in Crime market & starts smuggling drugs with his student for his family. He wants to make money for his family before died. So guy's what do you think? will he live or die? to find the answer watch the Breaking Bad TV show. It is available on Netflix. Iam explain here very short part of story for full story please watch Breaking Bad Tv show.

Best Tv Shows of All Time List - IMDB

Best Tv Shows of All time list as well as IMDB rating.All time Ranking.

1. The Leftovers

  • The Leftovers Tv Show is comes under categories of Mystery.
  • No. Of Seasons is 3 or 28 Episode in it & its 1st season released on 29 june 2014 & 3rd season released on June 4 2017.
  • The Leftovers IMDB rating is (8.3/10) & it is rated by (77,361) people on the web.
  • The Leftovers TV show story is about 2 % people in New York City suddenly disappear what is mystery behind this we are going to see in The Leftovers Tv show.
  • The Leftovers Tv show is Streaming on Disney+Hotstar OTT platform but it is official HBO Tv Show.
2. Chernobyl
  • Chernobyl is Historical-Drama-Thriller Tv show & it is based on true story Chernobyl disaster & it is one of the worst Nuclear accident in history. During this time In the Europe many people put their lives on the line to save Europe.
  • It's IMDB rating is (9.4/10) & its rated by (05,11,412) people on the global. 
  • It is also HBO Tv show & it is available on Disney+Hotstar OTT platform. 
3. Sherlock 
  • Sherlock Holmes name is very popular known for solving crimes cases & theri intelligence. So this comes under Mystery-crime-Drama show.
  • Sherlock IMDB rating is (9.1/10) & it is rated by (07,90,149) people on the web. 
  • Sherlock has total 4 seasons, 13 episode in it.
  • In this Tv show,  we are going to see Dr Watson & Sherlock solve the cases with their Intelligence. 
  • Sherlock Tv Show available on Netflix.
  • Guy's do you know about Sherlock sister? Yes friend Sherlock have Sister who name is Enola Holmes. Read more about Enola 

4. Dexter 
  • Dexter is Crime-Drama-Mystery Tv show. 
  • It has 8 Seasons & 9 season coming in year 2021. In 8 seasons it has total 96 episode.
  • Dexter Tv Journey started from year 2006, now it is also running. 
  • Dexter IMDB rating is (8.6/10) it may be change after 9 season & now it it rated by (6,36,155) people on the web.
  • In this TV show we are going a person has 2 personality,He is work in day as Policman but in night he is Serial Killer who targets only murder,Cool na.
  • Dexter is available on Voot Streaming platform.
5. Stranger Things 
  • Guy's i think you already watched Stranger things, if you are not watch ST then what are doing guy's, before you watch i will tell something special things about it.
  • Stranger Things Horror-Science-fiction Tv show which is combination of Romance, Love, Adventure.
  • Its IMDB rating is (8.8) & it is rated by (7,89,046) people on the web. 
  • Its have 3 season ad 4th season premiere 2021.
  • Tv show about a girl & her friend, A girl's father doing experiment on her deu to this she opened a door of another world.From this door another world things comes in the human world. We are going to see in this Tv show how a girl and her friend save the world from stranger things.  

Guy's I know many more series is remained.  I will making more list Please Stay tune with us. In future i will provide many information about Movies, Tv shows, Anime, Hollywood, Bollywood News, so guy's Follow our Twitter account @sdmoviespoint2

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