Enola Holmes 2020 Netflix Movie Review, Conclusion, Reason to watch Short Story Explain

Enola Holmes Movie Review 

Enola Holmes was just an all round outstanding movie. Fast-paced,clever and Hugely Entertaining. Through out it is completely different from other Holmes movies, as this movie introduces a new character, Enola Holmes. Talking about Enola, No one in this world could play this character better than Millie bobby Brown. She's extremely Charming and Impressive in her role. Her fans are Definitely gonna love this movie. Talking about the negatives There is no much Suspense element in this movie,And I felt The ending could have been a bit more explained in detail !! But still The locations, visuals and Music is treat to watch. Overall Enola Holmes is an interesting movie, the storytelling keeps u Thoroughly hooked up !! It's a delight to watch.

Millie Bobby Brown brown popular known for Stranger Things Eleven. In the stranger Eleven character is very impressive. She had different powers from other human beings. Stranger things one of the best Web Horror Series. It  was comes in Horror, Mysterious, Science fiction, Categories. Sorry I'm not talk about it any more because it is other topic from our movie.

Enola Holmes Movie Story In Short

A girl was living with her mother in the home. In there Family Enola had 2 brother one Sherlock and other is mycroft who has already left her in childhood. Now in there family only two members were left. Enoles mother is different from other because she wanted make Enola strong as fighter. In old day's lady's are not doing any hard work like men. 

One day on the 16th Birthday Enola's mother suddenly disappeared anywhere. Enola don't know, where is she gone?? . She finding her mother to everywhere. In her mind so many question are coming like why our mother left to me, why these happened? am i bad child? She was decided to find her mother.

After some time her brother Sherlock & mycroft came back to the Home. They were asking to Enola where is our mother gone?.  Now after mother all responsibilities of Enola Came on Sherlock & Mycroft. So Mycroft take all responsibility of Enola but Enola want to leaves separate like old days. Mycroft decided shift Enola in Hostel.Next day Enola ran away from home to find her mother because her mother lefted some clues. 

So Enola Journey starts From here to find her Mother but the journey was not good. In the Journey there are adventure, Mysteries many more things are waiting For Enola. To find her mother King child help her. To find all answer watch Enola Holmes Movie. 

Sherlock Holmes character is taken by Henry Cavill and he is Private Detective know for brilliant case detective.

Mycroft Holmes character taken by Sam Clafflin. who is big brother of Sherlock. He has well played Government and he also detective like Sherlock.

Eudoria Holmes roles taken by Helena Carter who is mother of Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft.

Movie Released On 23 September 2020 Netflix OTT.

Other Cast & Stars 

  • Louis Partridge(TewkesburyBurn)
  • Gorman(Linthorn)
  • Adeel Akhtar(Lestrade)
  • Susie Wokoma(Edith)
  • Hattie Morahan (Lady) 
  • and many more

Reasons to watch :-

Amazing cast, Characters and performance in the movie it is fantastic, Especially the mostGorgeous Millie Bobby.

The Enola Holmes Movie Cinematograph is also awesome it will take you in old days. in these movie Beautiful Locations & Visuals are used. Fast Screenplay & Fantastic BGM


Enola Holmes is a very entertaining coming of age, Adventure, Mystery movie. Definitely worth to watch.

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