BabyTeeth Movie Special Fact Review, Cast, story where to watch

BabyTeeth Movie Review

BaybyTeeth Movie Special Fact Review, Cast, story where to watch
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BabyTeeth is comedy-drama movie which is directed by Shannon Murphy. Movie released in 2019 & special fact about this movie is, it is nominated for many awards & it wins more then 17 awards worldwide. Most of the people rated it best Australian movie but story runs slowly slowly.  Movie IMDB rating is 7.1/ 10 & it is rated by 06,299 people on the web.


I love films that are horrifyingly beautiful, films that capture so well the essence and complexity of life and people, that sometimes are indistinguishable from real life. They're films that are felt more than watched, they're not just entertainment, but much more. I said something similar when I recently saw Short Term 12, they're films made to change you, to feel. 

And that's  what I love most about them, they can change you, they make you find things about yourself you didn't know you had, they can make you more empathic. These were things I felt while watching Babyteeth. It's such a brutal, harrowingly beautiful film. It portrays people as they really are, flawed, clueless and scared to death in the face of inevitable tragedy, and shows our strange ways of coping in the face hopelessness.

The main character's stumble with an unlikely love interest is a final attempt at seizing the moment, at giving herself a chance to live while she still can, no matter how little time she has got left, it's a way of telling herself her last moments of life won't be full of despair. She's changed by her new friend, but also changes him and her family, making the journey not only devastating, but beautiful and funny. This film is elevated by the incredible performances by the cast; Ben Mendelsohn and Essie Davis as the parents give subtle but strong performances that only get better as the film approaches the end, they were mesmerizing. 

Toby Wallace was also incredible as a small time drug dealer and addict, but the amazing Eliza Scanlen is the one who left me speechless all throughout the film with her incredible interpretation.

Babyteeth doesn't feel like the cliché and cash grabbing terminal disease movie that ultimately fails to be more than just a poor attempt at making you cry, it's filmmaking at its best.

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Who is casting BabyTeeth Movie?

  • Eliza Scanlen(Milla Finlay)
  • Toby Wallace(Moses Essie)
  • Davis(Anna Finlay)
  • Ben Mendelsohn(Henry Finlay)
  • Emily Barclay(Toby Eugene)
  • Gilfedder(Gidon)
  • Edward Lau(Tin Wah) & many more

Where to watch BabyTeeth Movie? & where the BabyTeeth Movie Streaming?

BabyTeeth Movie is Streaming on Amazon prime & watch on Amazon with your loveones. 

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