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 The Witches (2020) Evil Witches Story

The Witches is Hollywood Comedy Drama movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. The Witches movie released in United States on October 22, 2020, with a theatrical release in beginning on October 28, 2020. 

The story about three little rats and their grandma. Their mission is to destroy witches around the world. why these important because witches are a division that can't show children so they want to kill children from this world. In the witches, there is the main witch Called the top chief witch so this is the only chief who orders other witches. Plume says beautifully how they are introduced. I don't talk much about these witches, top chief witch is Anne Hathaway. 

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Anne's purpose is that all the kids in the world can't finish her team at once, so she's making a little plan for all these witchcrafts. There's an area around the world this main witch is asking them to go to their little town and open a sweet shop, toppy shop then witches catch the kids by giving them tops. This is the witch's purpose but the grandma here is about these plans of witches then grandma Tells everything to his grandson. The grandson will know one day before grandma says it he will get a witch when the witch tries to give him a hat. That which goes out there and that kid is so scared, so grandma is a little sick, so this is what happens when she's in a shop.

When they get home from that shop grandma ask that kid about this kid which was caught her friend Alice Blue a witch Telling the way, so telling the story reminds me you can't remove a witch when they come to life, so grandma soon got her grandson to Going to a star hotel so while staying there without them knowing all the witches come there with that hotel accommodation for their future plan Talk about it so when they are doing this interview that kid is hiding there so they got him they that child is a rat Doing it.... Another thing they want every kid to be little rats and chopped nothing else..... So I'll finish my story here...You are curious about what will happen in this story,you have to watch the movie on Netflix. 

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