Sanjay Datt is cured from Cancer & New Hairstyle Trending on Social Media

Sanjay Datt is cured from cancer

Actor Sanjay Dutt Had gone abroad for treatment of cancer. News was coming that he had been cured of cancer. Now he has given this news himself He said that 'The last few weeks It went hard for me and the family. Today is my son's Birthday I have won this battle. It's all yours Because of faith and support. Accompanying me I sincerely thank family, friends, and fans, nurses, and staff of Ambani Hospital who are treating him he is thankful to all.

Sanjay Datt's New Hairstyle

Sanjay Dutt every time doing the experiment with his hair. Now he has changed his hairstyle once again. These days his latest photos are viral on social media, in which his new look is seen. His new look is being well-liked. Actually, Sanjay Dutt's hairstylist Alim Hakin has shared some pictures of Sanjay Dutt in which his changed look is seen. In the photos, Sanjay Dutt's hair is painted platinum blonde, which suits him a lot. Sanjay Dutt wears a dark blue T-shirt and glasses & seen posing in different poses.

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