Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein 2022 Netflix Web Series, Cast, Review, Story Explained, My Opinion

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein (These Black Black Eyes) 2022 Netflix Web Series

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein 2022 Netflix Web Series, Cast, Review, Story Explained, My Opinion
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Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein is a new thriller, full of twists and violent love triangle series released on Netflix's OTT platform called These Black Black Eyes. This series is created and directed by Sidharth Sengupta who is also producer, creator, and writer of the Apharan series on ALTBalaji and Undekhi on SonyLIV. 

Talking about the cast the lead role is played by Tahir Raj Bhasin as Vikrant who is in love with Shikha played by Shweta Tripathi, Purva played by Anchal Singh who is in love with Vikrant and the daughter of Akheraj Avasti played by Saurabh Shukla who is the strongest and cruel politician of the fictional town Onkara.

The Story starts when Purva enters Vikrant's life when they were 7 years old. Whenever Purva saw Vikrant something or talk to him Something bad happened to Vikrant, she was in love with Vikrant since the 7th standard but she was a never-ending 'Sade-Sati' (a word used in India for bad luck) for Vikrant. 

Suddenly Purva left the town and Vikrant's life geared up as he became the topper of the class and everything was just good, as the time passed Purva was just an old memory for Vikrant, he became an engineer and while studying engineering he fell in love with Shikha. 

Vikrant is an average, hard-working guy who wants a good job and simple life with Shikha. Vikrant's father who works as an accountant for Akheraj wants Vikrant to do a job under Akhiraj. Akhiraj gave him a job after Vikrant's father recommended his name, but he was not happy with the job so one day he went to Akhiraj's house to tell that he didn't want this job, and here the phase two or twist begins in the story Purva re-enters in Vikrant's life as he saw her at Akhiraj's house. A stroke of never-ending bad luck enters Vikrant's happy life which brings so many problems and sadness in Vikrant's life.

Purva has been madly in love with Vikrant continuously finding ways to grab Vikrant's attention. After knowing that Vikrant wants to quit the job and wants a job in another city Purva as a lovable daughter of Powerfull Akheraj Avasti, she cuts the electricity connections,

The water supply of Vikrant's house to make him stay here. Vikrant knows that Purva was doing all these so for the betterness of his family and Shikha's life he was ready to do the job for Purva. Vikrant's family also supports Akheraj as he helped them when Vikrant was young. 

The Story becomes more interesting when Purva finds out about Shikha and her relationship with Vikrant, also when Vikrant was forced by his own family and by Akhiraj Avasti to marry his Daughter Purva. Akheraj knows that his daughter loves Vikrant so for Purva's happiness he forces Vikrant to marry his daughter.

For insulting many times and ruining his life Vikrant wanted revenge from Purva and his father, frustrated he literally search 'How to use a gun' on google to kill. Purva and Akheraj are also going through the dark web with the help of a hacker to find a killer who can kill Purva and Akherj. At the end of every episode, you get a twist or we can say a thrill which increases the eagerness of watching this amazing series.

Talking about the comedy part the character Goldi played by Kalp Shah brings some comedy, drama to this series. Goldi is a best friend of Vikrant and he helps him in every bad situation. It is interesting to see how Purva and all this political domination affect the lives of Vikrant, Goldi, and Shikha, and is survived this messed up and dangerous situation or not? 

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My Opinion:

Talking about this series, I personally like this series as I love the thrills and twists. I love the cast and their acting. In my perspective series give us the idea that if we are insulting and abusing, hurting someone again and again he/she become more dangerous and fearless.

just how Vikrant becomes in this series. we all know Shweta Tripathi as Golu from the Mirzapur series, I like her innocentness and love for her family in Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein.

Anchal Singh as Purvi in this series completely steals the show by her acting, her smile which came with a threat every time. Although she is playing a negative character I like her performance in this series. Saurabh Shukla who is played a negative role as Akheraj Avasti with such ease and fluentness in his acting. I like the Music as they used some old songs in this series. 

What i love most about this series is that story becomes more twisty and amazing with each episode so you will never get bored. In some scenes, I don't find any sense like how it could be possible, how Shika and Vikrant didn't get hurt when there was the huge firing of bullets and grenades at some farm and they easily escape from that place without being noticed. But apart from these minor scenes whole series is best to watch.  

I suggest you must watch this amazing, thrilling Netflix series.


Rushikesh Kather

I would like to rate this series 4.5/5 

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