Aquaman Dc Movie Review Good & Bad Things In this Movie

Aquaman 2018 Review 

Aquaman Dc Movie Review Good & Bad Things In this Movie
Aquaman is by far one of the best DC films that Il've ever watched, in my opinion it is even better than 2017's Wonder Woman' from a story and visual point of view. Thanks to good performances and a great director it finally feels that Warner bros and DC films have course corrected themselves and pulled up out of the nose dive they were in after the box office bomb which was Justice League'.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan, and stars Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/ Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera) and Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master).

The Good thing  in this movie is, the CGI in this movie are outstanding, everything seems soo believable. from the animals to the city of Atlantis which is under water everything looks really beautiful and convincing the way they make the actors look like. They are actually swimming under water is just astounding and revolutionary for film and CGI animation.

Jason Mamoa (Arthur Curry) does a really great job from turning the character of Aquaman from a wacky and stupid super hero to an edgy version of the famous character. And most of all the director James Wan, who has directed great movies like the Conjuring, Insidious and Furious 7, does a really great job with the story and how the comic should be portrayed onto the big screen.

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I really hope James wan stays to direct the sequel of this movie because he did such a good job. Finally, there is a whole segment of the movie which is not shown in the trailers or any of the promotional art, whichI think is the best part of the movie.

The Bad thing about this movie is. Some of the lines in this movie are really cliché and cheesy, but instead of being cringe worthy it is much funnier. This movie takes some time to get realy started since there is a lot of world building and character development to be done before the story can really go ful throttle, But when it does get started the movie is at its best.

There is a whoie side siory with Yahya Abdul-Mateen ll's character called Back manta which I feel is pointless and the movie would be able to function with out it.

The Conclusion: - I really think that you should definitely watch this movie in theatres on the biggest screen or in IMAX, since the visuals of this movie is outstanding overall movie is awesome. 

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