Deadpool 3 Finally In MCU & have R-Rating

 Deadpool 3 In Marvel Cinematic Universe 

Deadpool 3 Finally In MCU & have R-Rating
Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Feige 

Finally, Deadpool 3 in MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) & Rating given this Movie is R. This good News given by president of MCU Kevin Feige & In this movie will see Ryan Reynolds in Superhero role as it is Deadpool, Deadpool 2. 

Ryan Reynolds also sheard this News on Instagram post as well as in Story for their Fans. Many fans are waiting fro this news from long time. Intial Deadpool copyright acquired by Disney+ media company but now it hand of Marvel. 

Deadpool 3 Movie shooting won't be start before 2022 because Marvel working on other movies. Marvel working on the Loki Tv series & the Black Widow movie. Deadpool & Deadpool 2 produced or Distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Ryan Reynolds is also busy in this year, so in movie shooting, there will be a delay so we will wait for the next Update. This year Ryan Reynolds working on the upcoming Free Guy movie. Free Guy will be released on 21 May 2021. Initially, the movie was going to released in the month of December 2020 but due to Corona Pandemic movie Production Stopped. Now movie coming in may month of this year.

What is R, G, PG, PG-13 Ratings?

R - Restricted, This type of Rating movie. Under 17 required Parents with them. 

G -  General Audience, This type of rating movie doesn't require parents. Every age of people can watch this categories movies. 

PG - Parental Guidance Required. In this movie part is not suitable for children. They are required Parental Guidance.

PG-13 - In this categories movie highly required Parental Guidance for under 13 children. In this type of movie some part is improper for under 13 age children

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