Shang Chi 2021 Marvel Movie, Cast, Review News, Post Credit Scene With Out Spoiler

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang Chi 2021 Marvel Movie, Cast, Review News, Post Credit Scene With Out Spoiler
Shang Chi Now In Theaters
Shang Chi is a marvel character that came from comics. Guy's we are very well known about Infinity stones but We don't about Legend of the Ten Rings. This Ten ring glimpse we were seen in Iron Man first part then what happens with Marvel. They completely forget about it then after a long time, They announced Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Shang Chi is the 25th film of MCU & it's part of the 4 phase. In this Film Simu Liu playing as the role of Shang Chi and Tony Leung playing the role of Xu Wenwu in the lead role. Shang is the son of Xu Wenwu. It is the story of Shang-Chi, who makes trained assassins after doing hard core training for 14 years. Then leave his House or Towen. 

After leaving his town he came to San Francisco & do some work to surviving. He is enjoying his life with his friend but again his past comes in front of him. Now the interesting part this movie of starts from here. In this movie, we are going to see a combination of Action & VFS.

In the comic story ring are in the fingers. But in movie story Rings were in the hand. Every ring has special power in the comic liked one ring has Thundr power, other has Fire, Cold, etc. In the comic we were seen that ring came from the space. But in the movie not completely explan where it came from.

Awkwafina in the role of Katy Chen who is best friend of Shang Chi. She don't know Shang Chi past. Who is or what he? Where he cam from, Nothing. They were busy in there enjoying happy life. She try to laugh the audience by small jokes. 

Shang Chi is also connected with multi verse and how it is connected we will see it in Post credit seen of this movie. In this Seen Katy and Shang Che goes inside the Sanctum Sanctorum with Wong. Wong is present there to explained all things. Shang Chi talk with Hulk and Captain Marvel with Holagram Technology. Hulk in the form humans body means professor Bruce Baner. Don't know How the Hulk become the Bruce Baner last time we Saw him in The hulk Form may be his again got his power of making human and Hulk. 

Guy's I hope you will liked the movie. Watch the movie in theaters with your family & love ones. 

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