Hawkeye Upcoming Marvel Tv Series On Disney+Hotstar Released Date, Story

Hawkeye Upcoming Marvel Tv Series

Hawkeye Upcoming Marvel Tv Series On Disney+Hotstar Released Date, Story

After the Loki Tv series Marvel is going to released the Hawkeye Tv Series on the Ott platform of Disney+Hotstar. Basically, Hawkeye is a character name who is perfect in archery. In this upcoming tv series, we are going to see Clint Berton, Hailee Steinfeld, Yelena Belova in lead. As you know Marvel is always great at connecting storylines with each other & introduce to the audience something different.

As you know marvel is focusing on the Multiverse concept. Multiverse means multiple universes that means suppose in one something is happening in one universe its opposite thing is happening in another universe. 

Hawkeye Tv series is also interconnection of recently released movies & tv series. In Black Widow we a were seen that Natasha had a dark past with her family. She also has a sister whose name is Yelena Belova(Florence Pugh). Her sister doesn't how Black Widow means Natasha has died?. 

In the post-credit scene of the Black Widow movie, Yelena Belova was gone to give homage to her sister & Yelena is on holiday from long time. There were Valentina came to meet Yelena for discussing the new mission. She has shown the image of a person who killed Natasha. She was also said this person responsible for your sister's death.

Yelena Belova doesn't know what happened with her sister after hearing news from Valentina. She is clearly in the mood to fight with Clint Berton to take revenge of sister. Guys, what do you think is Yelena will take her sister's revenge on Clint Berton? comment below your suggestion. 

From a long time, Yelena was not meet Natasha. Natasha is working with Avengers. She sacrifices her life for Stone to save the world in EndGame Movie.

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