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Doctor Doctor Marathi Comedy Movie Story Watch Online 

Story Line & Introduction

Doctor Doctor is a Marathi Comedy Movie and it is coming to the audience through 'ZeePlex'. Future doctors Keshav (Prathamesh Parab) and Pushkar (Parth Bhalerao) will give this vaccine to the audience. 'Doctor Doctor' is the first Marathi film to be screened on 'ZeePlex'. Zeeplex, India's first PPV model, has opened a separate entertainment hall for the audience. The medical student said that the image of calm, smart, studious stands before our eyes. Some, however, are exceptions. The friendship of two friends who are so exceptional is their 'different worldliness' in the college

The movie 'Doctor Doctor' is all set to entertain the audience on 'Ziplex' from today. 'Doctor Doctor', which will be screened on 'ZeePlex', will be a treasure trove of full-fledged entertainment and endless laughter at home. Keshav and Pushkar, who are not very interested in education, both get admission in medical school only at the request of their family. True! But, showing you the industries of your non-existent industry, how the clock of discipline is broken and so on The culmination of their friendship is' Doctor The Doctor 'movie. This is the first time that Parth and Prathamesh have worked together. There are songs in the film that make the youth tremble, one of which has just been released. This song that makes you hold a contract has become popular among the audience. Along with this song, the audience will get to see Keshav and Pushkar in different costumes. 

Director Cast Producer Released Date Watch Online

The " Doctor Doctor " Movie Directed by Pritam Patil.

The film is produced by
  • Suraj Dagde-Patil,
  • Kiran. Kashinath Kumawat, 
  • Gauri Sagar Pathak. 
The film was written by Sagar Pathak and Pritam S.K.


  • Ramesh Pardeshi, 
  • Siddheshwar Jhadbuke, 
  • Amit Dudhane, 
  • Vigyan Mane, 
  • Amol Kagane

Released Date

Doctor Doctor release date as October 30, 2020, Friday. Movie Language is Marathi

Watch Online
This movie gives entertainment dose only in 99 rupees Sitting at home will give you a different vibe! So be sure to watch the movie 'Doctor Doctor' on 'ZeePlex'.

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